Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Tasty Peruvian (Fried) Rice

People are always asking how I cook rice, 'cause it's so tasty, so here's the (v. rough) recipe.

Makes about 2 cups

vegetable oil
1/2 teaspoon crushed garlic
pinch of salt
1 cup long grain rice (I use Basmati)
1 1/2 cups water

Put enough oil in a saucepan to just cover the bottom & place over medium-low heat.
Once the oil is hot, put in the garlic & salt, stirring to fry it, but making sure it doesn't burn (about 2 minutes).
Add the rice, mixing well to coat all the grains with the oil (about 2 minutes).
Turn the heat to high, then add the water, mixing to make sure no rice is stuck to the bottom of the pan. Leave till the water is boiling.
Turn the heat down to low, stir well to unstick the rice again & cover the saucepan with aluminium foil & then a lid to create a tight seal. Leave for about 15 minutes or until rice on top is dry.
Serve with whatever you like! This rice is also great cold or reheated, so don't worry about making too much.


Because Peruvian rice is made in the 'fried' style, you can add whatever vegetables you like to make it more exciting.

My mum often adds chopped onion with the garlic & salt, stirring till it is soft & golden before adding the rice.
She also adds peas sometimes ("for a bit of colour"). If you use fresh peas, add them with the garlic, but if you use frozen peas, cook them separately in the microwave first & only add them once the rice is ready.
The same goes for any vegetables you want to add.

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