Friday, April 18, 2003

Solid Chocolate Eggs

For Easter...

Makes 4

4 eggs
450g chocolate (dark, milk or white)

crystallised violets
crystallised rose petals
coloured foil

With a needle, pierce a tiny hole in each end of one of the eggs & blow out the contents, gently.
Enlarge the hole in one end to take a small piping nozzle & wash out the shell with cold water. Leave to dry while you blow the rest of the eggs (a heater might help with the drying).
When they are dry, put a piece of sticky tape ove the smaller hole in each egg so that it cannot leak.
Break the chocolate into a bowl & melt it over a pan of hot water (or use a double-boiler), stirring well.
When it reaches pouring consistency, spoon into a nylon piping bag fitted with a small nozzle & pipe into the egg shells through the larger hole. Swirl it round from time to time to remove any air bubbles. Leave the eggs overnight to set.
Carefully crack the eggs & peel off the shells.
Decorate the solid chocolate eggs with crystallised flowers & narrow ribbons, or whatever decorations you like, sticking them on with melted chocolate.
Alternatively, wrap each egg tightly in coloured foil.
Give them to your friends & family or eat them yourself!

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